References from the Film 8 Billion

Produced and filmed in Qatar, Middle East in February 2012 by Adabisc Productions

Directors Letter of Reference

Francis was selected from our initial audition sessions conducted on our behalf in Cape Town. After analyzing performances on disc from a series of actors, Francis was my first choice for the lead character based on his ability to convey emotion without forcing it, as his reactions on camera were both natural and charismatic.

I conducted a workshop session with our principles before shooting commenced and Francis engaged in his process of ingesting the dialogue before committing it to memory. Francis has a thoughtful and measured approach to acting and his methodology is designed to enhance an authentic performance.

During the shoot Francis was able to effectively take direction and implement changes according to dynamic requirements. Francis isn’t afraid to stand up for the integrity of a scene or line of dialogue but he does so in a pleasant and constructive way.

Riad Makdessi
Creative Director, Adabisc

Writer/Producer Letter of Reference

Francis is an actor who takes his craft seriously, and looks for meaning and substance in his characters. On the set of 8 Billion he was able to explore the characterization of our main character Adam, and develop elements of the back-story together with me. This made it easier as a writer to develop and evolve dialogue that was really believable. He was also able to give me insights into why his character might act in a certain way, and, where certain words or actions didn’t connect with his insight he sustained the integrity of character with clear reason.

From a logistics perspective Francis was easy to manage facilitating the smooth travelling arrangements from South Africa to the Middle East and was eager to absorb local culture, and to conform to behaviour norms for the region. From a production perspective he was well prepared for each day of shooting, was ready for pickup on time, and, on set, conducted himself in a professional and approachable manner at all times offering 8 Billion Productions good value for money.

Toby Hart
Producer, Adabisc

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